9 Common Symptoms of Stress

Stress can be an enemy but you can reduce its impact on your life.

Recognizing stress related symptoms is one of the most important steps toward reducing the amount of stress affecting you.

You may or may not show all of these physiological and/or psychological symptoms.

After all, everyone is different…

å But you should use this list as a tool to help you recognize stress related symptoms and perhaps help you acknowledge that stress may be affecting you more than you think.

Stress Symptoms: Addictions and/or Compulsions

You can’t help but have another one (make that glass of alcohol, cigarettes, piece of cake, new piece of clothing, etc.)

Addictions and/or compulsions also include extreme focus on appearance such as non-stop dieting and exercising.

Emotional Instability Can Be a Symptom of Stress

Extremes of happiness, depression and/or overwhelming sadness can be common for people dealing with stress. You may also feel impatient and irritable more that you normally would.

Inability to Concentrate

Your short and/or long term memory isn’t as good as it was and you start to forget simple things like running errands, people’s birthdays, etc.

Another Symptom of Stress: Isolation

While isolation may or may not be physical isolation, you definitely feel like the old adage of “being lonely in a crowd.” Everyone needs some alone time, but if you purposely disconnect the phone, avoid social functions and spend lots of time alone, you should ask yourself if stress is somehow affecting you.

Lack of Confidence

You may start to feel insecure about things and aspects of your life for which you used to feel confident. This could affect your work, love life, family life, etc.

Lack and/or Excess of Sleep

You feel tired and can’t seem to get enough sleep or can’t fall asleep. You may also be suffering from insomnia. This change in your sleep patterns can also lead to absenteeism.

Restlessness is Another Stress Symptoms

Do you have the feeling that you just can’t sit still? Are you constantly fidgeting or playing with every within reach?

Under or Over Eating is Also Related to Stress

You forget to eat or go to the other extreme and eat everything within reach, no matter if you’re actually hungry or not. Your nutritional needs and the nutritional content of your food don’t matter anymore.

Other Stress Related Symptoms: Working Overtime

When working overtime becomes a choice that you make to escape from the rest of your life, it may very well be a tell-tale sign that you are stressed out.

Note: The stress related symptoms shown on this page may result from other conditions and/or problems. You should consult your physician or health care practitioner for more specific help and advice.

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