EFT Therapy

Emotional freedom technique or EFT therapy can be used to help treat depression, lose weight, etc. Learning to use EFT at home is quite simple. Here is a refresher on how EFT works.

EFT for Depression – Step 1

In order to help your body get over depression, you need to acknowledge its presence. The most basic EFT technique includes three steps.

The first step is to acknowledge your problem/disease/emotional situation, then accept yourself as you are.

Here is one way to do so:

“I know I am depressed but I deeply and completed accept myself.”

You have to repeat this sentence three times while rubbing the sore spot on your chest.

The sore spot is located about 5 cm (2 inches) left or right of your sternum and about 7 cm (3 inches) down from the collar bone. You’ll know you have the right spot when it’s a little sore to the touch.

EFT Therapy – Step 2

You then have to repeat “depression” while tapping on particular spots on your body in a certain order. These spots may vary slightly depending on which method you are following. According to Gary Craig, here are the spots to need to tap:

  • End of your eyebrow (right or left) that is closest to your nose
  • The outer edge of the bone surrounding your eye (right or left eye)
  • Cheek bone under one eye
  • Between your nose and upper lips
  • Center of your chin
  • Collarbone (left or right)
  • On the side of your body, under the arm, same level as your nipples or bra strap
  • Below nipple (right or left) or under breast for women
  • Outside edge of your thumb, level with the start of your nail
  • Inner side (facing your thumb) of your index finger, level with the start of the nail
  • Inner side (facing your thumb) of your middle finger, level with the start of the nail
  • Inner side (facing your thumb) of your little finger, level with the start of the nail
  • On the center of the fleshly part below your pinkie (where you would do a karate chop from)

You should use the index and middle finger of your dominant hand to do the tapping and aim to tap about 7 times on each spot.

EFT Therapy – Steps 3 and 4

Step 3 is pretty straight forward. You need to tap on the Gamut point, which is located on the back of your hand, between the bones leading to the pinkie and ring finger, about 1 cm (1/2 inch) below the knuckle.

While tapping on this spot, do the following exercises:

  • Close your eyes
  • Open your eyes
  • Look down and to the right without moving your head
  • Look down and to the left without moving your head.
  • With your eyes open, move them clockwise without moving your head (one complete rotation
  • Move your eyes counterclockwise, one complete rotation
  • Hum a happy song for 2 seconds
  • Count from 1 to 5 quickly
  • Hum for another 2 seconds

Repeat Step 2 once more.

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