Effects of Music on Stress Levels

Did you know that listening to your favorite relaxation music online could do more than improve your mood? Research has proven that music can improve your immune system, reduce your anxiety levels and reduce pain.

How Your Body Reacts to Relaxation Music

A study that was conducted in Hong Kong concluded that patients who listened to their favorite songs while undergoing minor surgery with local anesthetic had lower anxiety levels than other patients who weren’t listening to music.

Not only did their anxiety level dropped but so did their heart rates and blood pressure.

In Germany, researchers discovered that cortisol (a stress hormone that normally rises during cerebral angiography) stayed stable if patients listened to music.

On top of that, blood pressure also stayed lower when patients listened to music.


Mind Reactions to Music

Relaxation music can also help people express their opinions and feelings. Writing songs and playing instruments is a great way to express your feelings, whether they are joy, pain, anxiety or sadness.

People believed that music helps people with cancer by providing a pleasant distraction from pain and stress. Relaxation music can also reduce nausea and pain after bone marrow transplants or chemotherapy.

8 Instant Relaxation Exercises with Music

Different types of music can achieve different results, but here is a shortlist to get you started on enjoying the benefits of relaxation music.

  • 1. Think of happy days and try to associate music with these happy times. Listening to these particular songs will improve your mood.
  • 2. If there is a crying baby nearby, try to hum or sing gently to soothe the baby.
  • 3. Try listening to classical music to lift depression and revitalize brain cells.
  • 4. You can listen to Techno music if you are exercising and want to get even more from your workout.
  • 5. If you’re feeling blue, listen to some good old Rock n’ Roll to improve your mood.
  • 6. If you’re trying to lose weight, listening to music while doing any kind of activity will entice you to move more and burn more calories.
  • 7. The odd and sometimes unpredictable arrangement of melody with rhythm and silence in songs is good for brain power and can improve memory.
  • 8. If you suffer from chronic pain, you can try listening to jazz or string instruments such as piano or harp.

There you have it…

Listening to relaxation music online, relaxation CDs, or relaxation tapes are all great ways to improve your health.

Your mental, physical and emotional health can all benefit from a few notes and a melody.

Try it out for yourself.

More Relaxation Music

Have you ever heard of New Age music? What about the Sounds of Nature series? Have you ever heard the chants of monks?

And there are many other types of relaxing music that falls in between.

I have yet to hear a relaxing rap or heavy metal song, so if this is all you listen to normally, you may have to expand your musical horizons.

Here are some great relaxing music selections from Amazon.




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