Wu-Yi Tea Benefits

Wuyi Oolong

Have you been reading rumours about wu yi tea (sometimes spelled wuyi or wu-yi tea)? Are you wondering about its weight loss properties? Can this be the miraculous green tea that works as a weight loss solution?

Facts About WuYi Tea

First of all, this tea is a type of oolong (or wulong) tea, not green tea. Learn more about the various types of tea here.

Basically, it is oolong tea from the Wuyi mountains of China (Fujian province). If you would like to see what these mountains and tea trees look like, click on the video below.

Weight Loss Tea

Glass Mug & Infuser

A study published in Volume 50 of the Journal of Medical Investigation states that consuming wulong tea for 6 weeks led to body weight reduction in 102 Chinese females.

The study concluded that oolong tea increases energy expenditure, which basically means that calories are more easily and quickly burned.

Burning 3500 calories equals losing 1 lb of fat.

There are many other documented health effects associated with drinking tea.

If you want to added benefit of having a tool to help you in your weight loss, perhaps wu yi tea is what you are looking for.