Basil Aromatherapy Benefits

Basil is used in aromatherapy

Many varieties of sweet basil are found in both the northern and southern hemispheres. It is used extensively in cooking, but it can also be used in many easy aromatherapy recipes that are used in aromatherapy for relaxation.

Here are a few facts about this essential oil (but keep in mind that constituents and aroma will vary slightly depending on the variety):

Botanical Name
Ocimum basilicum
Extraction Method
Steam distilled from the leaves
Essential Oil Colour
Clear, light greenish-yellow
Top note, and medium initial strength, it has a sweet, light herbaceous aroma with a hint of campherous and licorice-like scent.
Important Constituents
Linalool, Methyl Chavicol, Beta-Caryophyllene

How Can You Use This Herb?

  • Cooking. Do I need to tell you that you can use fresh or dried leaves in food? It’s excellent with tomato-based pasta sauce.
  • Tea. Dried leaves can be used in tea to relieve flatulence and the sensation of fullness. Add 1/2 teaspoon of dried leaves to a cup of boiled water.
  • Essential Oil. Burn this essential oil to stimulate your brain functions while working. It will help you concentrate and will also lift your mood. You can add a few drops of this essential oil to your aromatherapy neck wraps. You will feel restored, stimulated and it will also act as a nerve tonic.If you’re feeling a tad hysterical, it will calm your state of mind. Some believe that it can also repel insects, encourage the development of intuition and help people who suffer from asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, difficult digestion, exhaustion, flu, gout, insect bites, muscle aches, rheumatism, and sinusitis.

DO NOT apply this essential oil directly to the skin without being diluted in a carrier oil first. An estimate of 4 drops of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil is suggested.

Where Can You Find This Essential Oil?

This essential oil normally comes in 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 oz bottles and can be found in major drugstores and specialized aromatherapy retail stores. Many internet-based aromatherapy companies carry this essential oil.

You can purchase Young Living Essential Oil Basil 15 Ml from Amazon.

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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Use this essential oil sparingly with caution. Pregnant women, epileptic people or people with cancer or liver problems should not take this essential oil. Undiluted oils should never be applied to the skin. Do not take any oils internally without consultation from a qualified professional aromatherapy practitioner. Consult a professional aromatherapy practitioner prior to using this oil to treat children.
Note: The information contained on this site is for educational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a physician and/or another health specialist. Precautions must be taken to ensure aromatherapy does not conflict with existing medical conditions.