Herbal Wraps at Home

There are so many reasons to indulge in a herbal wrap treatment.

It’s soothing, it can improve your breathing, and depending on the herbs involved in your specific treatment, if offers an almost endless list of benefits.

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Because the body is fully wrapped during this home spa treatment, you will not be able to give yourself such treatment, but your partner will definitely thank you for it. Who knows, your partner may return the favor sooner than you think!

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Equipment and Ingredients for an Herbal Wrap

You will obviously need a few things for your herbal wrap. Let’s start with some basic equipment. If some of these items are new to you, learn more about spa equipment here.

Herbs for Your Herbal Treatment

You will also need herbs… otherwise it wouldn’t be called a herbal wrap! I recommend the following herbs for your first wrap, but feel free to experiment with other herbs.

You can use other herbs but you should start with very small quantities until you know how your body will react. Other herbs that could be used are:

Preparation Steps for Your Herbal Wrap

While your partner is enjoying a hot shower or bath, follow these preparation steps:

1. Heat about 8 liters (2 gallons) of water in a large pot. Let the temperature reach 70 to 95 degrees Celsius (160 – 200 F).

2. Place the herbs in your muslin or cheesecloth bag to create your “tea bag”.

3. Leave the herbs in hot water for a minimum of 20 minutes.

4. Prepare the wrap area (massage table, floor, or whatever other place is available) by first laying down the wool blanket, then the insulating layer.

5. Soak the muslin sheet (or a high-quality cotton sheet) in the herbal water for a few minutes.

6. Be VERY careful with this step. Wear rubber gloves and wring out the muslin sheet. Try to get all the water out. Make sure the sheet isn’t too hot before inviting your partner to start the herbal wrap treatment. Your muslin sheet should be very warm but not too hot. If it’s still hot, wave it in the air and it will cool quite fast. Lay it on top of the insulating sheet, which is on top of the wool blanket.

Giving an Herbal Wrap Treatment

1. Your partner is ready to come to your home spa. He/she should wear as little as possible so that the herb’s benefits can be better absorbed through the skin.

2. Invite your partner to lie down in the middle of the nicely laid flat sheets. Wrap the first sheet around your partner snugly. The sheet should feel a little tight but not too tight that it constricts circulation. You can leave your partner’s arms in or out of the wrap.

3. Wrap the insulating layer next. Once again, wrap it snugly.

4. Wrap the wool blanket.

5. Try to make your partner as comfortable as possible in the next 20 minutes. Look for excessive sweat that you can be wiped off. Adjust his/her posture by placing a pillow under his/her knees. Apply a cool compress on your partner’s forehead to help lower his/her body temperature a little. If your partner gets thirsty, give him/her lukewarm water through a straw. You can also play some nice soothing music in the background and turn down the lights.

6. After 20 minutes (or earlier if your partner becomes uncomfortable), unwrap the sheets and offer a warm robe to your partner. Your partner will feel cold at this point so if you can, pre-warming the robe in the dryer may be really appreciated.

7. Invite your friend to relax for the next 30 minutes. The herbs will work their way into your partner’s skin. The person who just received a herbal wrap treatment should drink lots of water.

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