Solid Perfume Recipe

How to Make Your Own or Purchase Solid Perfumes Online

Are you looking to find a solid perfume recipe that suits your personality? You may have seen a soapstone solid perfume display in the past or maybe you’re curious about how hard solid perfumes are to make?

Solid perfume has the advantage of fitting in the smallest purses and even in your jean pockets if stored in a small flat compact container. Because it’s solid, there is no problem flying with it in your carry-on luggage!

How do you make your own solid perfume? This article will cover that as well as recommend one excellent online retailer and “offline” retailer that you have probably seen in airports in the US and in Canada.

To make your own solid perfume, you will need a few basic ingredients from your local health store, drugstore, or local crafts store. I will also suggest online stores where these products are available on the Internet.

Solid Perfume Recipe: Ingredients

Let’s get started with the basic solid perfume recipe and you can include your homemade solid perfumes in gift baskets bath products for a special someone!

If you need to purchase these ingredients, click on the links shown below and you’ll be taken to a reliable online supplier.

You will also need a small container or two to pour your solid perfume into. You want a small container with a large opening so that you can easily rub your finger on the perfume. You can also use lipstick containers that have been emptied and cleaned out for an easy applicator.

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Basic Solid Perfume Recipe

Use a bain-marie or double-boiler if you have one. If not, simply put a small bowl into a saucepan that contains about 1 inch of water. Pour the almond oil and beeswax in the small bowl and turn on the stovetop.

Let the wax melt, then remove it from the heat. Use a chopstick or other small utensil to stir the oil and beeswax and add the essential oils. Then pour the mixture into your small container.

Let it cool for 30 minutes then seal it.

If you can’t make up your mind on the type of oils to use, feel free to read more on the benefits or particular aromatherapy essential oils.

I personally enjoy jasmine, vanilla, and any type of citrus-scented oil.

If making your own solid perfume seems like too much work, then go ahead and purchase some handmade solid perfumes. They smell great, come in a solid perfume case that you can reuse when you’re done with it. You could even make your own solid perfume refills with the recipe above!

Purchase Solid Perfumes Online

If you prefer to purchase solid perfumes online, I recommend Pacifica California Star Jasmine Solid Perfume.

You can wear solid perfumes for the pure pleasure of the senses or combine their aromatherapy benefits with breathing and relaxation exercises for added relaxation.