Feng Shui Bathroom Layout

Bathroom layouts are fairly standard in most houses, and unless you have lots of money (or simply can’t stand how ugly and/or impractical it is), most people leave it as is.

If you are building a new home or considering major home renovations, you should know what the optimal Feng Shui layout of this room is.

This page should contain enough information to put you on the right track!

How to Improve Your Bathroom Feng Shui

If possible, you should avoid putting this room in the centre of the house. When choosing the layout, keep in mind that you must be able to see a person coming into the room, no matter what you are doing. (Gentlemen, there is an exception to this… When considering the toilet, this rule applies to the sitting position.)

Unless avoidable, the toilet should never be the first thing you see when you walk in this room. The door should open in such a way that if left ajar, the toilet will not be seen. If this is the case, the hinges must be moved to the other side.

Some believe that chi may escape down the toilet if the cover is not put down. If this room happens to be in the money section of your house, this could cause your finances to go down the drain as well. To help maintain chi, you should also leave the door closed, even when not in use.

Location Matters in Feng Shui Layouts!

Some locations are not ideal for your chi. If your washroom is located:

  • in the west of your home: use earth tones to decorate it.
  • in the northeast corner: use white on all your walls.
  • in the centre of your home: use mirrors on the inside walls and a mirror on the outside of the washroom door.

Big Bathroom Feng Shui No-No’s

If at all possible, the following washroom locations should be avoided:

  • near (or visible from) the front door
  • in front of a staircase
  • in front of and/or behing a bed
  • above the front door
  • above a bedroom
  • above a stove

As in all other rooms, natural light and ventilation are better, so a window is a positive addition. To prevent your chi from getting stagnant, minimize the clutter, open the window (or run the fan) to allow air flow and add a green plant or two.

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