Pah Kwa in Feng Shui

The Pah Kwa (sometimes spelled Pa Kua) is a useful tool for determining how to best designate the rooms in your home.

Providing a detailed history of the Pah Kwa and the various theories behind its meaning would be time-consuming, so I opted to give you the simplified version.

Lines, Lines and More Lines

It all started with yin and yang. These symbols can also be represented by lines, as shown below.


These two lines were then combined in pairs to create 4 different symbols. These 4 symbols are used to represent compass directions and seasons.

By adding a third line to each combination, 8 triagrams were born. When combined in the following order, a Pah Kwa or Former Heaven Sequence is created. Many good luck charms display the Pah Kwa and some people put it on mirrors to combat bad chi.

You should be aware that another version of this Pah Kwa (called Later Heaven Sequence) also exists. The triagrams were ordered differently in the Later Heaven Sequence.


For each of these 8 triagrams, the compass direction and areas of enrichment are shown below.


Determining the Best Feng Shui Layout

To determine the best layout for your home, you should overlay the last drawing on top of your house plan (compass direction is important). For example, if you have a small home office and want to make it a profitable business, the southeast corner (Money) is probably the best location for it.

Similarly, you can use the 8-point method (shown below) to determine how to decorate a room with improved Feng Shui. The following star diagram can be surperimposed to a room plan, using the bottom as the entrance.


For example, if you and your significant other are working towards marriage, but things aren’t going fast enough for you, then perhaps you can decorate the furthest corner to your right (from the bedroom door). By placing a picture of the two of you in this location with a little bit of red (perhaps a red picture frame), then this would help your romantic Feng Shui.

Like I mentioned before, this is a simplified version of what Feng Shui can do for you. You should know that the methods are a lot more rigorous and more involved, but the orientation of your home and furniture is very important.

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