8 Feng Shui Remedies

The flow of chi in your home isn’t perfect? Here are 8 remedies that can help improve the energy in your home.

Feng Shui Remedies Using Lights and Mirrors

You should think of lights as remedies that can reduce the negative chi. If the energy gets stagnant in a dark corner, add a bright but not glaring light.

For example, a spotlight can be used to illuminate an otherwise dark wall ornament. A mirror can also be used to reflect existing light onto a darker area.

Like light reflects on mirrors, chi can also bounce off mirrors. If you have a lovely view of the outside from a window, you can use this existing positive chi and invite it in your home by using a mirror in front of your window.

Because mirrors increase the flow of energy, you want to avoid mirrors in bedrooms where you want to rest. You also want to avoid placing a mirror in line with (i.e., directly in front of) your front door. It would allow the chi to bounce back out as soon as it enters your home.

Using Static Elements to Improve Feng Shui

Large inanimate objects slow down the flow of chi. It you feel uneasy in a room and can’t relax, try adding a larger piece of furniture or ornament. Similarly, if you have a garden outside, you can use a large rock to decelerate the energy flow.

Using Colors as Remedies to Your Feng Shui

While your wall colors must appeal to you and go with your furniture, changing colors might be the solution you are looking for. Click here for detailed information on colors & Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Lines and Linear Features

At times, the flow of chi can accelerate in your home. For example, a long and narrow hallway can create such an acceleration. To slow down the energy flow and redirect it into a room, a linear objects can be the perfect remedies. Place them across the hallway, pointing towards a room where you want the energy to be redirected.

Feng Shui Sound Features

The perfect feng shui sound solutions are metal wind chimes placed in a location where wind flows. They will increase the flow of chi. Wind chimes made of other materials are not as effective in increasing the energy levels.

Flora and Fauna Can Become Feng Shui Solutions

There are some good plants and some bad ones. Cacti send arrows of bad chi, and should be avoided in bedrooms. Large plants can slow down the energy flow, and can be beneficial in busy rooms or hallways.

Plants can be used to remedy your feng shui when the chi is lacking in corners and smaller areas with less traffic, such as a bathroom. Plants placed in these locations can create positive energy flow.

Outside your home, you can place plants around the corners to "erase" the arrows of chi emanating from your house. Dried flowers will not positively affect your Feng Shui.

Fish can be a particularly great addition to your home, especially when placed in the east or south east of the house.

These animal remedies are believed to absorb "bad" energies from previous owners. The blackmole is a prime example of a fish with such "cleansing" power.

The motion of the fish and the air bubbles in the fish tank accelerate the flow of chi, with small, brightly-colored, active fish creating a yang atmosphere, and bigger, darker and slower fish creating a yin atmosphere.

Black, silver or gold fish are ideal. Red fish should be avoided as they represent fire, and fire and water do not mix well. The number of fish is deemed important for wealth and good fortune:

  • Good: 1, 6, 8 or 9 fish.
  • Bad: 2, 5, 7 or 10 fish.

Maximizing Feng Shui with Movement

Flowing water from a fountain is an example of how movement can be used to increase your energy or chi flow in your home.

Feng Shui is Affected by Your Appliances

And the last of these 8 feng shui solutions? The use of electrical appliances should be minimized as they affect the flow of chi.

I hope these 8 remedies were useful. Learn other tips that can improve the Feng Shui in your home here.