Circle of Light Meditation Technique

You should think of meditating as day-dreaming with a purpose. This meditation technique was designed to improve your self-image and focus on peaceful and positive thoughts.

It is important to note that this meditation technique refers to your positive quality as seen by yourself, not by others. Meditation is a self-improvement tool and you should disregard what others think of yourself and focus on your own views. By attempting to better know yourself, you are making the first step towards achieving your potential for contentment.

Meditation Technique

1. In a calm and quiet place, isolate yourself from distractions. Unplug the phone, close the door and make sure everybody in your home knows not to disturb you.

2. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Imagine being in a box with nothing else but the air around you. There is nothing to look at but brown cardboard.

3. Focus your attention on your inner self. You are in this box and there is nothing else that can distract you at this time. Breathe in, breathe out. Take long and relaxing breaths.

4. Focus on your imaginary third eye in the middle of your forehead. Think of it as a spinning circle of light that radiates positive energy.

5. Imagine the circle slowing changing color and maintaining its new color for a few minutes. With this color in mind, think of a positive characteristic of yourself that can be associated with it. For example:

  • Red can refer to your passion for your family and loved ones
  • Yellow can refer to your warmth
  • Orange can refer to your courage, etc.

Keep in mind that there are no wrong associations but make sure that you focus on a positive characteristic.

6. Keep focusing on this color and your positive characteristic for about 10 breaths.

7. Allow the spinning circle of light to change color and repeat the association exercise for another 10 breaths.

8. Repeat for a third color.

9. Now think of peaceful thoughts that are connected to these three positive characteristics. You can relive happy memories that involved your positive characteristics and happy endings.

10. Allow your mind to be quiet and peaceful. Nothing but peace and silence. If an errant thought drops by, acknowledge its presence but let it go. Take 10 deep relaxing breaths.

11. Finally, think about how you can personally use your positive characteristics and bring peace into this world. Start small. What can you do at home? At work? In your town?

12. Take another 10 breaths and relax. Slowly allow your eyes to open. Remain seated for a couple of minutes before returning to your busy life.

Most Powerful Meditations

Meditation can help bring clarity, identity, and wisdom into your life. By focusing on positive thoughts, you can reprioritize your purpose and enhance your quality of life.