Astral Projection Dangers

Many people who are interested in astral travel wonder if there are any astral projection dangers to worry about.

Once you consider the irrational thoughts and fears that many horror movies have put in our brains, it’s understandable to be worried… But are any of these fears and dangers real?

Astral Projection: Common Fears

Here are the most common fears associated with astral travel:

  • What if I can’t return to my physical body? You’ll soon discover that the problem is the other way around… Simply thinking about your physical body will bring you right back. It’s impossible to lose your physical body because it’s connected to your astral body by a silver cord.
  • Could my physical body get hurt while my astral body is away? No. The first sign of anything abnormal will immediately bring your astral body back. For example, if your body hears a loud noise, or senses a change of temperature, your astral self will immediately return to your physical body.
  • Could my physical body get possessed while my astral body is away? No. Movies would have you believe that this is possible, but it isn’t. Spirits cannot enter your body and take over… Nonetheless, should your mind find this hard to believe, you can take extra precautions such as spraying salt water around your bed or placing a small amount of salt north, east, south and west of your bed.
  • What about evil spirits or beings on the astral plane? While identifying dangerous people in our day-to-day life here on the physical plane of existence can sometimes be tricky, it’s really easy on the astral plane. Not interested in mingling with the bad crowd? All you have to do is avoid beings with dark or muddy-colored auras. Simply ignore them and walk away. You can also wish to return to your physical body and you’ll be there immediately. Also, you should know that no one can harm your astral or physical body while astral traveling.
  • Could I die while I’m astral projecting? No. Some people are worried that the silver cord which links your physical body to your astral body could rupture if you go too far or if it rubs against a rough surface. Don’t worry. It’s elastic and will not break. No other beings or spirits can cut it either. If you worry about your physical body forgetting to breathe or your heart forgetting to beat while your astral self is away, these issues are also impossible. Once again, should your physical body sense any danger, your astral body will return immediately.

Getting Over Your Fears of Astral Projection Dangers

It might also reassure you to know that once on the astral plane, you’ll have access to an astral projection guide who can help you avoid any danger.

If you have a fear that I haven’t covered here, you can sign up to watch these free astral travel videos or contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions as quickly as possible (but it may take a few days).

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