What Prevents Astral Projection

You’ve been trying to astral travel and it isn’t happening for you? You’ll learn what prevents astral projection from occurring on this page.

What Prevents Astral Projection?

At least one of these factors is the reason why you failed to leave your body:

  • You are afraid. Do you subconsciously think that something bad might happen? Fear is the number one reason why people can’t successfully leave their physical bodies. If this is true for you, or even if you are unsure, I recommend you read through this list of common fears so you can subconsciously and consciously believe that astral projection is not dangerous.
  • You ate too much. Astral travel is best done 3 hours after eating a light meal. Also, some believe that a vegetarian diet may help, so at least avoid eating too much meat prior to astral traveling.
  • You are distracted. Don’t let everyday problems keep you from achieving an Out of Body Experience (OBE). If you have too much on your mind, write down what worries you on a piece of paper, which you’ll see tomorrow morning when you get up, so you won’t forget. You should also avoid television or phone conversations just before astral traveling. Light physical exercise like yoga can help you relax and unwind mentally.

Other Factors that can Prevent OBEs

The next factors also prevent your astral self from leaving your physical self:

  • Your physical environment is not adequate. If you have roommates or a family, it’s best to attempt to astral travel when they are away or sleeping. Disconnect the phone if possible and keep the room temperature warm, at least 68 F or 20 C.
  • You’re not focusing hard enough. You need to have a strong desire to astral travel. You also need to know where you want to go and what you expect to learn and/or who you expect to see.
  • You’re under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. It’s best to astral travel cold and sober. The same goes for cigarettes, although their effects do not last as long. Refrain from smoking at least 3 hours prior to astral traveling.
  • You drank tea, cola, or coffee. You should avoid caffeine before astral traveling. Black tea, cola, energy drinks, and coffee should be avoided in the 3 hours preceding your attempt to astral travel.
  • You have a negative attitude. You need to believe in yourself and know that you will be successful. If not, practice some more until you’re ready.
  • You’re not relaxed enough. Your physical body and mind both need to feel relaxed in order to achieve astral projection.

Additional Tips to Promote Astral Travel

If you feel like you could use a few tips on relaxation, review these preparation steps for astral travel or watch these free astral travel videos that will answer many commonly asked questions.