Are You About to Astral Project?

Astral travel requires a fair amount of practice, and results are often disappointing at first. Here are the signs to keep in mind so you can know if you’re about to astral project. If you sense any of these, you’re making great progress, congratulations!

If not, you may want to review these relaxation and preparation steps.

How to Know if You’re About to Astral Project

As you approach the point of detachment, you will feel one or more of the following sensations:

  • sinking feeling
  • tickling sensation
  • vibration
  • shaking
  • wavelike sensation

It’s important to not focus on what you are feeling but to keep focusing on your breathing and your goal of astral projection. Allow your consciousness and energy to escape your physical body.

Finally… Astral Projection Happens!

You will likely leave your body from the top of your head through the area between the eyes (although this may differ for some people). You might see or feel a long, seemingly infinite, elastic chain that connects your astral body to your physical body. This link is only visible to you.  It’s your silver cord.

You will likely float above your physical body for a second, and you can then travel anywhere.  While you’re out, go ahead and explore the astral realms.

Be forewarned though, most first-time astral travelers get a little freaked out when they look at themselves lying down below their astral self, so such reaction will immediately trigger a return back into your physical self.

If you return to your physical body too fast, you will feel jolted. You might blackout for a second when you leave or return to your body, but this is nothing to worry about.

What if you’re not feeling these sensations?

Remember to keep practicing if you want to astral project.

One of the easiest way to leave your physical body is through meditation. Tell yourself that you will astral travel and that you’ll remember every detail about it. Repeat it to yourself like a mantra. Think of your purpose for each particular projection (improve your life, explore the Akashic records, ensure a loved one is safe, etc.), relax and breathe.

I recommend you go through these preparation steps and watch these free astral projection videos.