How to Astral Project

You’ve decided to astral travel but you’re unsure about how to leave your physical body to get on the astral plane?

There are many different methods you can use to astral project and unfortunately, not all methods work for everyone.

You’ll probably have to try a few before finding the one that works best for you, but I’ve listed 6 popular methods here, and hopefully one will work for you!

How to Astral Project – Popular Techniques

Here are a few astral travel techniques that you should try. If one doesn’t work for you the first time you try it, keep using it again and again for about a month. If you still can’t astral project that way, then move on to the next technique.

  • Meditation Technique. Astral traveling while meditating is probably one of the easiest way to leave your body. All you need is a comfortable chair (or floor) and quiet surroundings. The general idea is to progressively relax every part of your body while either focusing on a single thought (mantra) or trying to empty your mind. You will need to ignore physical feelings during meditation.At some point you may start to feel a vibration or a wave taking over your body. This is a sign that your consciousness is about to leave your body. At this point, it is important that you keep focusing on your mantra or emptiness. Your astral body should detach momentarily and your body will have learned how to astral project.
  • Swing Technique. This technique involves mentally picturing yourself on a swing with your head being the center of rotation. It is best done while sitting comfortably with your eyes closed. You need to gradually imagine your body swinging higher and higher until your astral body detaches itself from your physical body.
  • Gradual Detachment Technique. This technique is best done lying down. You need to relax your body and mind first. Once you are fully relaxed, focus on your toes until you feel them detaching. Once they have detached, focus on getting the next part of your body detached (legs, etc.). Your head should be the last part to detach.
  • Hypnotism Technique. If you have access to an hypnotherapist, astral projection can be achieved through hypnotism. If you don’t, then audio books can work great as they will verbally guide you toward astral projection.
  • Affirmation Technique. You need to frequently repeat to yourself that you can astral travel. Make sure that you use the present tense in your affirmation. You can use such affirmations as: “I’m ready to astral travel” or “I’m leaving my body now.”
  • Chakra Technique. Chakras are energy centers within our body. There are 7 main chakras that need to be activated to ease astral travel. By focusing on their respective locations and what each chakra represents, and opening them in the right sequence, you can facilitate astral travel.

If these methods don’t work for you, make sure to review important preparation steps and the ladder method here.


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