Asana for Low Back Pain

There is more than one asana low back pain solution in the world of yoga. One of the easiest asanas for low back pain is Utthanpadasana (or raised leg pose).

Asana Low Back Pain: Utthanpadasana

  • 1. Start by lying down on your yoga mat. Put your legs together, palms facing down and flat next to your body.
  • 2. Breathe in and raise your right leg as high as you can, but don’t strain any muscles (in your legs, back or otherwise).
  • 3. Keep your right leg straight and your foot relaxed while your other leg remains straight and in contact with your yoga mat, as shown below.
  • 4. Keep your breath in for 3 to 5 seconds while your leg is up in the air.
  • 5. Exhale as you slowly bring your leg back down.
  • 6. Repeat 4 more times with the right leg.back1
  • 7. Repeat for the left leg (total of 5 repetitions for each leg).
  • 8. As a variation, you can also do this exercise with both legs together.

Cycling – Pada Sanchalanasana

Another way to strengthen your lower back muscles and to reduce or eliminate future low back pain is to perform the Pada Sanchalanasana. You’re probably more familiar with this asana’s English name cycling position than its Sanskrit name.

  • 1. Lie on your back and bring the right knee up.
  • 2. Keeping your left leg down on the mat, cycle forward with the right leg for 10 revolutions. Make sure to keep your heel off the mat!
  • 3. Stop and reverse the motion. Make 10 revolutions cycling backwards.
  • 4. Switch legs and repeat.

Other Asanas for Lower-Back Pain

Here are other asana low back pain solutions:

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